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Is your Board really ready for the Digital Transformation?

It’s time to understand what your business is really doing…and why!

For the last two years, Australia’s financial press has bemoaned the fact that Australian Boards lack digital transformation knowledge which is why, in many cases, businesses are now lagging far behind the rest of the developed world.

And yet, many companies and organisations (of all sizes) have neither the internal experience, nor access to external wisdom to ensure that the can fully understand the digital transformation, its costs and implications.

W3 CEO, Mark Cameron is quite simply one of Australia’s leading digital proponents, working closely with large scale operations sch as telstra as well as teaching at Deakin University. He has been the BRW Digital strategy columnist and currently writes for Forbes. He has developed a non-technical presentation designed to rapidly lift that level of knowledge and identify key focus areas through the lens of organizational risk and opportunity. In essence, Mark’s presentation and subsequent workshops cover:

  • Digital transformation as a competitive strategy
  • Strategic foresight longer-term organizational risks and opportunities
  • How to keep up with the pace of change
  • Maturing technology convergence
  • What non-technical decision makers need to focus on

Fees vary according to size of the operation and agreed time requirements.

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NEW category specific topics

Bullet-proof your 2021/22 Business Plan


Specifically designed for the post-COVID business environment and includes:

  • A full in-depth review of your current and previous business plan outcomes and results
  • An evaluation of the effectiveness of these plans
  • Hands-on help to revise/ re-work the Business Plan for the coming fiscal year
  • Guidance on how to deliver your 2021/22 Plan as a presentation to key internal and external stakeholders


Commercial COVID Recovery Workshops –

Our Expert Speakers


The Commercial COVID Recovery Workshops (CCRW)  are designed by you and your team to address your post-COVID issues and opportunities. They can be either a half-day or full day and apart from a common introduction section, feature experts with a wide range of skillsets and experience from industries such as digital, FMCG, retail, public relations and profiling, sponsorship, media expenditure and brand activation. We even have experts across wellness and how to better work and build a culture remotely…here are just some of our confirmed speakers and topics (in alphabetical order):

COVID-19 has greatly accelerated digital transformation efforts across all sectors. A member and contributor to the Forbes Technology Council, leading digital transformation and emerging technology thinker, Mark Cameron CEO of digital transformation consultancy W3.Digital explains the ‘new’ trends and how you can develop a technology enabled competitive advantage.
Cultural anthropologist, author and businessman, Adjunct Professor Simon Hammond discusses the new challenge for business leaders within the outrage society; what they need to stand for and who they need to trust, in the quest to create brand equity in this post-COVID world.
Former Consumer Director Asia for McCormick & Company, marketing expert, Derrin Johnson discusses and workshops how COVID has accelerated changes in consumer preferences, the impacts on brands and how brand owners must respond.
With coronavirus forced and unforced changes in commercial relationships and greater reliance than ever on technology and its ability to deliver services, Director and Founder of legal firm Anzarut & Partners, Charles Anzarut, presents how the law and professional service operations will need to evolve to meet today’s ‘new’ normal. Relevant for all post COVID businesses, either as users or providers of services.
With COVID came an increase in emotional and physical strain; uncertainty, isolation and remote working has taken a toll on the workforce and society. All of which makes it more important than ever to maintain a positive health culture for yourself and your work team. Personal Trainer, author and Proprietor of Middle Park Fitness, Jack Revens shows how ‘moving’ apart may well help keep your team Co-FIT together.
Drawing on his experiences as an elite AFL footballer and high performance executive coach, Clint Bizzell has worked with myriad teams, companies and CEO’s to help them reach the top…and stay there. With programmes across Leadership, Teamwork, Resilience and Confidence, Clint covers just about every position ‘on the field’.
COVID has seen an unprecedented acceleration in technologies and remote working. Performance Management expert, Jim McKerlie specializes in the digital transformation of the way organisations operate and how we need to change the way we manage people for performance.
Former Partner with KPMG, Rob Bazzani is widely regarded as a top level business leader with a demonstrated track record of leading and growing large scale and complex businesses. In his session Rob poses the question as to whether pre COVID thinking still stands and what needs to change.
Founder and CEO of Junkeer New Era Consulting, Jenny Junkeer explains and demonstrates how businesses must consider and scale in order to not just survive but thrive in this new post COVID era.
The Government’s COVID response – job keeper, job seeker, COVID relief etc, has meant there is no one-size-fits-all approach to how you deal with government but there are a few simple ground-rules that you need to understand before you start. Drawing on real-life experiences gained from senior roles with Premiers from two States and executive roles with WorkSafe Victoria and the Transport Accident Scheme, Phil Reed outlines the challenges of engaging with policy makers to achieve your objectives, and help you determine if, when, where and why you need to embark on a process of political engagement.
Principal of Nathanson Pearson and Executive Chairman of Billing Bureau, David Werdiger is multi-skilled. He specializes in taking businesses virtual, which for many was once was just a future thought but now has become an immediate imperative in a post COVID era. He is also an expert in establishing good governance for SMEs, family businesses, and families.
In social media, everyone’s an expert…but some are more expert than others. One of Australia’s leading social media entrepreneurs, expert, trainer and coach is Derick Mildred Director and Owner of Results Formula consultancy. Derick works with you and your team on how to best use LinkedIn and Facebook as a lead generation tool and position your business as an industry authority and generate real results.
With good news in high demand and low supply, former Editor of The Age, Alex Lavelle presents the keys to positive, proactive communications and media to achieve maximum return on your media and communications campaigns in these uncertain times.
Each week we will announce more amazing speakers and relevant post-COVID topics to choose from…


Bookings for October to the end of December 2021 have now opened for both face-to-face and virtual workshops. You can even choose one or more topics to be pre-recorded for later viewing by other parts of your organisation.

If you would like to know more about the CCR Workshops or our team of experts, please reach out to me or +61 (0) 414 541 852 and I’d be happy to have a no obligation chat over a coffee or zoom to better understand your needs and help curate the right workshop for your business.